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Factors to Consider When Buying a Copy Machine

Several factors come into when you are buying a copy machine. You first need to consider the brand of machine you would like to buy. With the number of brands on the market and new ones coming up, it is important that you choose a brand you can trust. You will be assured of quality when you go with an established brand.

The next choice you need to make after the brand of copy machine is whether you are getting a new machine or a pre-owned one. Pre-owned copiers are usually cheaper but you cannot be sure of how long you will get to use them and they most of the time don’t have warranties. While a new copier is expensive, it usually comes with a warranty and you will be assured of new fixtures depending on the model you want. If you get a company that offers a warranty on pre-owned copiers, take advantage of this.

Your workload is something you need to keep in mind. How many copies you need done in a day or a month will greatly affect your choice of a machine. It is best to get a copier that can efficiently handle your workload without being strained. How fast it does copies is also important to consider to avoid having a long line of things that need to get copied lining up.

One you have all this sorted out, find out the type of copying your machine can do. It would be a disadvantage if you would like your copies to be done in color and yet the machine you pick only does black and white copies. Pick a machine that can adequately meet your needs.

The space you have in your house or office for your copier will determine the copier you get. The size of copiers range from being small enough to fit on a table and so bug they need to have enough space to be installed. It is therefore important for you to pick a copier you can comfortably get space for.

Find out how much it will cost you to buy and use the copier. Depending on the size and features they come with, different copiers cost different amount. Since different printers cost different to maintain, find out how much you will be parting with for maintenance. Getting a brand that offers servicing on their copiers at a discount will go a long way in helping you save on maintenance costs. Also, look for a copier that has readily available spare parts in case you need it repaired All these will go a long way in determining your overall cost of getting a copier.

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