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Tips On How To Cure Panic Attack When It Happens On You.

Fear makes the body lose focus and make you think about imaginary things that can affect you.Panic attacks are serious and can lead to panic disorders if you do not know how to manage them. Some people also feel chest pains when they have panic attacks and may think it is a heart attack. Some attacks are also random and have no trigger at all, they just happen. When you get a panic attack do not be afraid, because they are manageable and have no lasting effects if treated early. Here are some ways of curing panic attacks when they occur on you.

If you have a panic attack, you feel short of breath, and you should relieve the urge by taking deep breaths that will help you cure the attack. The urge to breath fast is tempting but always remain calm and control the breathing.

Mostly panic attack is confused by the heart attack which worsens the fear, that is why you need to set your mind to recognize it is a panic attack and try to control them yourself. Have an inner voice that assures you that the problem is just temporary and you will be okay because the attack is manageable.

Something around you may have triggered the attack, so close your eyes to avoid seeing it so that you can focus on curing the attack.Control your mind into thinking something else that seems beautiful.

Focus on a single object around and think about it alone. Avoid feeling sad or pain by figuring out beautiful experiences in your life happening around you.

Try relaxing your muscles starting from the hands to the legs.If you have people around you let them massage your muscles to reduce the tension.

The panic attack medicines are very addictive and the body tends to adjust over it with time, so it is advisable to use them occasionally when there is an absolute need. If the panic attacks have become frequent, you can have the oil close so that you apply on your palms and smell the scent for the soothing effect.

Take a walk around the neighborhood when you get a panic attack to distract your mind off the fear.You can also try being social with the people around.If you are in a place you do not feel comfortable, leave the place and stay in a comforting environment to help cure the attack.

Let your mind help you relax and take away the fear which causes the attack. Be confident and trust in your body abilities to cure the attack and set your mind positively towards the attack.

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